Visual Music – Behind The Scenes: What Makes A Man?

The first main poem in my book is called “What makes a man?”. My aim was to start with an autobiographic piece to let the reader know a little about who I am and where I am coming from.

The piece plays on the title, with the words describing my childhood and the photography showing doctors putting my body together.

It literally took me a few years to get the words right. I didn’t want to just talk about myself. Everybody can do that and it doesn’t necessarily make for good reading. In the end I looked at the key ups and downs and angled it in a way I felt people would see me in a good light..there’s always a chance right.

Most of the photos were taken by Michael Elliott, my God parent. He is a great photographer and I was glad he agreed to work on the piece. To make the piece look as authentic as possible I bought real surgical equipment and scrubs, and a real pigs heart which did get very smelly. The make up was applied by Henrietta Thomas, who is an upcoming film director herself. Jess Tyler, a friend also in the broadcasting industry and currently working for Sky, agreed to be a surgeon for the piece. My living room was literally turned into a hospital ward and the images came out perfect. I can’t wait to unveil the piece in my book.


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